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Dr. Vicki Herrington

Dr. Vicki Herrington heads up the Australian Institute of Police Management’s (AIPM) Knowledge function, meaning she is responsible for maintaining and developing the AIPM’s knowledge base about leadership and leadership development, its academic architecture and governance particularly in relation to AIPM’s longstanding graduate programs, and developing a suite of knowledge activities involving internal and external stakeholders across the world.

Vicki has spent a career in applied, academic and neo-academic organizations across the UK and Australia. She is driven to translate academic knowledge into action and impact, and works at the nexus of academic and practice traditions. Vicki is an active researcher in the field of criminology with a deep commitment to interdisciplinarity. This is evidenced by her publication record found here. Moreover, recognizes that knowledge is both generated and digested in many different forms. By recognizing the complexity of our operating landscape, and drawing on a broad range of insights, Vicki works to help our understanding of “better leadership”.

She holds a Bachelor degree (Hons) in Psychology, a Masters degree in Criminal Justice Studies, both from the University of Portsmouth, as well as a PhD in Criminal Policy (Laws) from King’s College London. She has also recently completed her Executive MBA at the University of Oxford, where she was recipient of the Saïd Business School and 30% Club Scholarship for Women, and was awarded both a Distinction and the Hertford College Prize for exceptional performance.

In her spare time Vicki likes to hike, swim, bake, and try to keep up with her two young children.

Vicki joins The CopDoc Podcast on April 19, 2021.


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