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As a lifelong learner, I have come across many books and articles that have shaped my views on leadership and policing. 


Some of the best articles are not focused on policing; since all organizations are people-oriented, these articles have relevance. 

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Law Enforcement’s Treatment of Capitol Rioters Showcases Larger Societal Issues, Say Faculty

by Kristen O'Reilly

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Criminal Justice Faculty Tackle Current Racial Justice Issues

by Nancy Sheehan

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Building a Better Bench for 21st Century Policing

by Wendy Rich-Goldschmidt, Chief of Staff (retired), Miami Beach, FL Police Department, FL

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Women in Policing: The Numbers Fall Short of Need

by Ivonne Roman, Chief of Police (retired) Newark, NJ Police, Police Chief Magazine

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Privacy, Patrols, and the Future of Policing in America

From the Charles Koch Institute

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