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Insights into Effective Policing and the Future of Justice Systems with Dr. Frank Schmallager, Scholar and Author

Embark on an intellectual exploration with me as I sit down with Dr. Frank Schmalleger, a titan in the field of criminal justice education. His pioneering textbooks have shaped the landscape of learning for generations of law enforcement professionals. Throughout this episode, we discuss shifts in criminal justice from its early beginnings to the current era, where cybercrime and AI present new challenges. Frank's teaching philosophy, which marries relevance and problem-solving, alongside his views on the crucial role of leadership philosophy in policing, offers invaluable food for thought for current and future police leaders.

Grapple with the complexities of evidence-based policing as we confront issues like black-on-black violence and the misuse of firearms in communities of color, dissecting the implications these have on media reporting and societal perception. Frank unpacks the nuanced concept of 'wokeness' within law enforcement and how it intertwines with the threads of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our conversation also ventures into the balancing act required between embracing diversity and fostering a cohesive societal consensus, all while keeping the criminal justice curriculum responsive to the rapidly evolving landscape of threats in the digital age.

In a candid reflection, Frank opens up about the enduring legacy he aims to leave through his extensive written works and the transition from print to digital media. This episode is not just a look into the past but also a call to action for future collaborative writing ventures, promising to keep the flame of intellectual curiosity burning brightly. Join us for a dialogue that weaves through the fabric of criminal justice, leadership, societal dynamics, and the timeless craft of writing, ensuring you walk away with a richer understanding of the forces that shape our legal landscape.

The episode closes with a poignant reflection on Frank Schmalleger's professional pride and legacy in publishing, addressing the shift from print to digital media and the importance of preserving academic works for future generations. The open invitation for collaborative writing endeavors encapsulates the spirit of continuous learning and intellectual growth that the episode champions.

Overall, the podcast episode with Dr. Frank Schmalleger serves as a comprehensive dialogue on the dynamic and ever-evolving world of criminal justice. It promises to leave listeners with a richer understanding of the forces that shape our legal systems and the critical role of education, leadership, and technology in this domain.

Frank joins The CopDoc Podcast on March 12th, 2024.


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