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Dr. Lorraine Mazerolle

Lorraine Mazerolle is an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow (2010–2015), a Professorial Research Fellow at The University of Queensland, School of Social Science, and a Chief Investigator with the ARC Centre of Excellence for Children and Families over the Life Course. Her research interests are in experimental criminology, policing, drug law enforcement, regulatory crime control, and crime prevention.

Professor Mazerolle is a Criminologist at the University of Queensland, Australia. She is an active member and award winner with the American Society of Criminology, and a member of the Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy at George Mason University.

Her research interests include Experimental Criminology, Policing, especially Third-Party Policing, Problem-Oriented Policing, Crime Control/Crime Prevention, Crime, Analysis/Environmental Criminology, Community Regulation/Community Capacity Building, Ecology of Crime and Urban Criminological Theories.

Lorraine earned a Bachelor of Arts from Flinders University, a Master of Arts, and a Doctor of Philosophy from Rutgers University.

Lorraine joins The CopDoc Podcast on July 26th, 2022.


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