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Chief Renee Dominguez

Chief Renee Dominguez is a 20 year veteran of law enforcement, starting her policing career with the Newtown Police Department. Currently, Dominguez serves as the Interim Chief of the New Haven, CT Police Department. The second woman to lead the NHPD, Dominguez was appointed to an 8 month term in June of 2021.

Dominguez joined the NHPD in 2002, rising through the ranks to hold a number of roles, including a long stint as a district manager and, prior to being named an assistant chief in July 2019, as head of the Family Services Division. As assistant chief, Dominguez was responsible for the Patrol Division. Throughout her career, Dominguez has maintained a sharp focus on training, community relationships and personnel development.

Chief Dominguez joins The CopDoc Podcast on October 11th, 2021.


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