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Navigating Trauma and Fostering Resilience: A Journey Through Police Psychology with Dr. Cherylyn Lee

When the mind faces a maze of trauma and stress, finding the exit can be a heroic journey in itself. Dr. Cherylynn Lee, a beacon of hope in the realm of police psychology, joins us to navigate these complex pathways. She shares her transformation from an academic outsider to a pivotal figure in law enforcement mental health, offering an invaluable perspective on the essential balance between a tough exterior and inner emotional resilience.

Embarking on this episode, we venture into the often-overlooked realm of police mental wellness. Dr. Lee and I engage in a candid discussion about the necessity of mental health check-ups for officers, paralleling the care for their minds with that of their bodies. Through her narrative, we learn of the life-altering impacts that unseen injuries can have and the restorative power of wellness initiatives within the department. The conversation takes a deeper turn as we address the cumulative nature of trauma and the multifaceted approaches to therapy, including the integration of hobbies and physical activities as a form of recovery and prevention.

Concluding with a dive into the intense life of a first responder psychologist, we gain an honest look at the demanding nature of this role. Dr. Lee pulls back the curtain on the specialized therapy techniques, such as EMDR, that are tailored to help officers cope with the neurological aftermath of their experiences. Through this dialogue, we underscore the importance of reshaping our understanding of post-traumatic stress as an injury, fostering a healthier, stigma-free perception of the challenges our law enforcement community faces. Join us as we express our deepest gratitude to Dr. Lee for her insights and to you, our listeners, for embarking on this journey of awareness and empathy.

Dr. Lee joins the CopDoc Podcast on April 9th, 2024.


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