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Aneela Khalil-Khan: Breaking Barriers in the Police Force - South Yorkshire

What if you had a peek into the life of a policewoman, a woman of color leading a team to combat domestic, child, and adult abuse in the UK? Join us as we unravel the intriguing journey of Aneela Khalil-Khan, a Detective Chief Inspector at South Yorkshire Police Department. Aneela, a seasoned professional with a 20-year career, takes us through her path beginning with her training at the Academy to her current leadership role, comparing and contrasting the US and UK police systems, particularly focusing on training and probationary periods.

Aneela doesn’t just stop at sharing her experiences. She delves deeper, bringing in her research about women in policing, with special emphasis on women of color. Our conversation takes a turn towards leadership – how understanding others plays a crucial role in decision-making, the necessity of humility, and the courage to stand up for what's right.

We also touch upon the importance of constructive dialogue, and how Aneela has used these principles to enhance leadership training at the South Yorkshire Police Department.

Detective Chief Inspector Khalil-Khan reveals her ambitions for the police force, laying bare her hopes for the future. She shares her desire to reach out to young women and girls of color, hoping to guide and inspire them. We further discuss her research in the US, her plans to interact with local police leaders in DC and NC, members of the Drug Enforcement Administration, and ASEBP. She talks of her aspirations to share her findings back in the UK.

This dialogue with Aneela is not just an exploration of her journey but also a testament to her commitment to serve and change her community.

Detective Chief Inspector Khalil-Khan joins the CopDoc Podcast on November 7th, 2023.


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