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Navigating Police Leadership and Succession in a Changing World: Insights from Deputy Chief Sean Riley

What does it take to be a successful police leader in a constantly evolving world? Join us in our latest Cop Doc Podcast episode as we dive into the mind of Deputy Chief Sean Riley from the Framingham Massachusetts Police Department. We explore the challenges and rewards of leading a force of 136 sworn officers, handling a diverse population, and managing a transition from a town to a city.

Deputy Chief Riley shares invaluable insights on the importance of police leadership succession planning and cultivating a lasting legacy. As a true leader, he offers practical advice to new lieutenants, stressing the significance of listening to their team and speaking with one voice. We also delve into the role of civilian staff in policing and how they contribute to the ever-growing mental health calls.

But there's more to leading a police department than meets the eye. Deputy Chief Riley reveals his plans for creating a community impact unit that aims to address calls for service, crime, mental health, and quality of life issues. We discuss the international implications of the Framingham Police Department and the mentor-mentee approach he employs with his team. Don't miss this thought-provoking episode featuring a true leader who's passionate about the men and women in blue.

Deputy Chief Riley joins the CopDoc Podcast on October 10th, 2023.


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