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Natalie Hiltz

Staff Sergeant Natalie Hiltz has over 25 years of exceptional police service. She served in various capacities within Divisional Policing as well as several undercover operations for Vice, Drugs and Homicide as well as being an original member of her agency’s Gang Unit. She went on to serve as a Sergeant with the Youth Services Bureau as well as uniform patrol, before becoming a Divisional Uniform Staff Sergeant at Toronto-Pearson International Airport.

Staff Natalie Hiltz is a member of Ontario Law Enforcement Planners, and is part of, a provincial working group to advance gender equity and inclusion within Ontario Policing.

Staff Hiltz is a founding member and past Co-Chair of the Peel Chapter of the Community and Hospital Infection Control Association of Canada and founding member of the Ontario Designated Officers group for Infection Prevention and Control for the Province of Ontario. Some of her most accomplished community endeavours include working with the Police Association of Ontario, on Bill 105, the Good Samaritan Act and later Bill 28, the Mandatory Blood Testing Act, (that received royal assent and passed as law in 2006), as well as the development of the Personal Protection Strategy for Infection Prevention and Control, a national police training model of critical risk assessment for pre-hospital emergency care providers.

Staff Natalie Hiltz gained her master’s degree at the University of Cambridge on the Police Executive Program in Applied Criminology and Police Management and completed a Bachelor of Applied Arts from Carleton University, Majoring in Law and Sociology with a concentration in Criminology and Criminal Justice as well as graduated from Dalhousie University’s Advanced Police Leadership Program.

Staff Hiltz has travelled to several parts of Canada to advocate for more evidence-based practices within Canadian policing. She has presented to the Canadian Police Knowledge Network Annual conference on police training for two consecutive years, the Ontario Homicide Investigators Association training symposium as well as numerous Canadian Police agencies. Her recent MSt. Thesis “Distinguishing the Victim-Offender Overlap for Violent High-Harm Crime in a Canadian Suburb: An Opportunity for Police Targeting, Forecasting and Prevention” has created new way of targeting victim-offenders for more effective analysis and police interventions. She has recently been nominated for the Governor General’s Meritorious Service Award – Civil Division, by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police for her work in Evidence Based Policing in Canada.

Natalie Hiltz joins The CopDoc Podcast on June 7th, 2022.


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