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Mark Garrett

Mark Garrett is a retired California Highway Patrol Chief. He began his law enforcement

career in 1990, starting as a road patrol officer. He worked various patrol duties, investigative and administrative assignments throughout the CHP’s Southern Division, rising to his final rank of Chief before retiring in 2020. Some of his proudest memories are those of his time as the Southern Division Public Information and Recruitment Coordinator. In this role, Mark was the spokesman for the CHP’s busiest of eight Field Divisions, working with numerous news outlets in the world’s second largest media market.

Throughout his career, Mark has been proactive and enthusiastic in his efforts to elevate the profile of the law enforcement profession, and to explore new and unique ways to advocate for the men and women who perform their duties honorably in the pursuit of maintaining a civil society.

Mark joins the CopDoc Podcast on April 25, 2023.


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