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Humanizing Law Enforcement: Insightful Chat with Undersheriff Chris Hsiung

Ever wondered how the seemingly stern face of law enforcement could be humanized? We've got Chris Hsiung, the undersheriff of San Mateo County, sharing his own experiences and insights on this matter. A veteran with 28 years at the Mountain View Police Department, Hsiung believes in the power of social media to break down barriers and build stronger community relations. He walks through his journey and how he's used modern tools of communication to reshape public perception of law enforcement.

Chris is co-founder of The Curve, to dive headfirst into the topic of police culture reform. This includes Simon Sinek and other forward-thinking police executives. With a unique perspective on the importance of human skills and the power of difficult conversations, Hsiung is candid in discussing the need for a safe, positive work environment. He brings to the table his insights on leadership development and the unexpected value of book clubs in fostering camaraderie and changing police culture for the better.

In our chat with Chris, he talks about leadership and decision-making in organizations. Sheriff Hsiung emphasizes the importance of intentional and inclusive decision-making, continuous innovation, and the crucial role of placing the right people in the right positions.

Please listen for an enlightening conversation that offers a multifaceted look at law enforcement, leadership, and the road to a better future for law enforcement.

Chris joins the CopDoc Podcast on January 16th, 2024.


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