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From Law Enforcement to Criminal Justice Education: Dr. Mike Birzer's Story

Ever wondered about the bridge between law enforcement and academia? Today, we take you on a journey with Dr. Mike Birzer, a former sheriff's lieutenant who left and rose to become an esteemed academic at Wichita State University. We talk about his unique career path, shedding light on his teaching in Criminal Justice and the influence of his law enforcement background on his approach to research and teaching.

We explore some of the most pressing issues in contemporary policing with Dr. Berzer. We tackle the often overlooked viewpoint of criminals, shedding light on the rich insights this perspective can offer. Highlighting the importance of situational analysis and discretion, we delve into Birzer's work with Paul Cromwell on a book offering criminal perspectives and a current project focusing on differential police response to low-risk, low-harm calls.

As we finish our conversation, we delve into the sensitive issue of police reform and community trust, guided by the wisdom of Dr. Birzer. Reflecting on the journey of police reformer, OW Wilson, we contemplate his significant steps to improve the police department and examine how this historical narrative can inform modern practices.

The chat focuses light on the reception of law enforcement in academic settings and acknowledges the challenges faced by students in criminal justice departments. We underscore the crucial role of reflective learning and continuing education in shaping future police academies and the burgeoning potential of collaboration between academic institutions and practitioners. Join us, as we uncover the intricate dance between academia and practitioners to chart a promising path for policing.

Dr. Birzer joins the CopDoc Podcast on October 24th, 2023.


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