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Encore Episode - Julie Parker on Strategic Communication and Media Relations

What if you could transform public perception of law enforcement agencies with the power of effective communication? This riveting episode takes a deep dive into the world of police media relations with our esteemed guest, Julie Parker, former ABC Washington News reporter and current CEO of Julie Parker Communication. With her extensive experience working with top-tier law enforcement agencies like the FBI and IACP, she brings a wealth of knowledge on proactive social media use and crisis communication.

As we explore social media's role in law enforcement, Julie talks about how agencies can steer narratives and shape news rather than merely reacting to it. We also delve into the crucial role of media relations directors and PIOs in providing timely, accurate information during incidents. Sprinkled with insights from her professional journey, Julie shares how law enforcement agencies can leverage social media to promote positive stories, humanize the police force, and build stronger relationships with the media.

In the final segment, we turn our focus toward the importance of proactive communication during crises, especially for smaller departments operating on limited budgets. Julie lays bare some of her trade secrets on creating a deep bench within the department and building robust relationships with the media. We also touch upon the growing trend of retaining crisis communication consultants and the immeasurable value of sharing uplifting stories. So tune in and discover how law enforcement can maintain public trust through effective communication. It’s a conversation you won’t want to miss.


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