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Breaking Barriers: A Candid Conversation with Trailblazing Police Chief Amanda Behan

What if you could get a behind-the-scenes look at the life and experiences of a trailblazing female police chief? Join us for an exclusive conversation with Chief Amanda Behan of the Winchester Police Department in Virginia, as she shares her inspiring journey from a middle school job placement test to her current role as the Chief of Police. Amanda offers invaluable insights into the world of law enforcement and her transformative initiatives to engage with the community.

Throughout our discussion, Chief Behan reflects on her experiences navigating the traditionally male-dominated field of law enforcement and the lessons she's learned in leadership and resilience. We dive into her open-door policy, her efforts in developing and empowering female officers in her department, and how she modified her command staff meetings to be more participative. You won't want to miss these enlightening revelations from a true leader in the field.

Finally, we explore the heartwarming initiatives Chief Behan has implemented to bring her family and other officers' families to the police department, fostering a sense of community and creating a more open environment. Drawing from her experiences as a victim advocate and her own personal life, Chief Behan has built a culture of compassion and understanding. Don't miss out on this captivating conversation with a pioneering force in law enforcement.

Chief Behan joins the CopDoc Podcast on June 13th, 2023.


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