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Lynda R. Williams

Lynda R. Williams is currently the Professor of the Practice at Middle Tennessee State University in the Department of Criminal Justice Administration; with this appointment in 2017, she became the first individual bestowed this title in recognition of the breadth and depth of her knowledge and expertise in the field of criminal justice and executive security. In her role within the Department of Criminal Justice Administration, Ms. Williams’ curriculum subject matter includes foreign/domestic terrorism studies, criminal justice processes, community and public service engagement and executive law enforcement leadership speaker symposiums.

Prior to joining the faculty of Middle Tennessee State University, Ms. Williams led an accomplished career as a veteran of the United States Secret Service, from 1988 until she retired, as the Deputy Assistant Director in 2017. As President of NOBLE, Ms. Williams is focused on achieving the organization’s goals through a three-pillar platform on police reform, gun violence, and voter engagement.

Lynda joins The CopDoc Podcast on May 31, 2021.


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