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Vulnerability, Courage, and Transformation: Kristin Ziman Former Police Chief's Journey to Inspiring Leadership

Ever wondered how vulnerability and courage can transform a person's life and career? Join us for a captivating conversation with Kristen Zeman, a former police chief turned speaker, facilitator, trainer, and keynote speaker, as she shares her journey from law enforcement to transcending her policing background and inspiring others.

Listen in as we explore Kristen's honest reflection in her book, "Reimagining Blue," her approach to leadership, and the importance of understanding the audience and culture when speaking to a police department. We also discuss the qualities of true leadership and the significance of providing the necessary skills and tools for those you lead, as well as the need for continuous self-improvement and reflection.

Finally, we touch on critical topics such as mindfulness, leadership, and accountability in policing, the importance of preparedness in addressing mass shootings, and the power of writing and podcasting. Don't miss this insightful conversation with Kristen Zeman as she shares her experiences and wisdom on vulnerability, courage, and continuous growth, leading to profound transformations in our lives and professions.

Kristen joins to The CopDoc Podcast on July 11th, 2023.


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