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Dr. Joanne Murphy

Dr. Joanne Murphy is a Reader in Leadership and Organisational Change & the Co-Director of the Centre for Leadership, Ethics and Organisation (CLEO), Queens University, Belfast Management School. She is also a Fellow of the Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice and a Senior Fellow of Northern Ireland's policy Think Tank - Pivotal. Her research explores leadership, change and organisational development in politically volatile environments, including those affected by ethno-political conflict.

You can access some of her work - such as a free chapter of her new book - Management and War: How Organisations Navigate Conflict and Build Peace here. A sample chapter of a previous book on organisational change in Northern Ireland policing is available here and a chapter of a highly cited book on public management and complexity theory with Mary Lee Rhodes, Jenny Muir and John Murray is accessible here.

Joanne is working on her current research project, entitled 'A Duty of Hope: The Anglo-Irish Division and the Work of Peace in Ireland'. It documents the activities, development and impact of the Anglo-Irish Division of the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs through the prism of peacebuilding and conflict diplomacy. Drawing on extensive interviews with public officials and those with whom they worked, the book explores the iteration of the Division itself, its relationship with other branches of government and the organisational, political and diplomatic efforts at peacebuilding over almost forty years.

Joanne joins the CopDoc Podcast on March 15, 2021.


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