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Dr. Angela Workman-Stark

Angela Workman-Stark is Associate Dean of Operations and Innovation, Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour, and the Director of Leadership and Management Development programs in the Faculty of Business. She is also a former Chief Superintendent with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

For much of the latter part of her RCMP career, Dr Workman-Stark held significant leadership roles overseeing various transformation efforts focused on enhancing organizational effectiveness and governance, workplace culture, and leadership. Her most high-profile and meaningful role involved overseeing RCMP efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace and was the catalyst for her transition to an academic career.

In addition to her academic role, Dr Workman-Stark consults extensively with organizations across Canada and internationally. She also researches, speaks, and writes about inclusive leadership and creating inclusive workplaces. She has delivered numerous national and international conference presentations, keynotes, and workshops on leadership and cultural change and is the author of the book Inclusive Policing from the Inside Out.

In 2017, Dr Workman-Stark was recognized with a Global Diversity and Inclusion Leadership award at the World Human Resources Development Congress in Mumbai, India.

Angela joins the CopDoc Podcast on February 15, 2021.


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