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Shaping the Future of Police Work through International Insight - Dr. Gráinne Perkins Chief

Join the conversation with Dr. Gráinne Perkins, a trailblazing Irish-born Chief of Police at the University of Southern Maine, whose career arc bends from zoology to the forefront of global law enforcement. Gráinne shares her riveting story, a blend of detective work in Dublin's cobblestone alleys, innovative roles in Interpol, and her current tenure shaping the future of policing in the U.S. Her dynamic path showcases the wealth of opportunities within the policing profession and underscores the impact of an international perspective on law enforcement.

Venture into the heart of police accountability with Gráinne as she offers her candid thoughts on navigating the shift from the streets of Dublin to the academic corridors of Southern Maine. Tackling intricate communication challenges, she uncovers the layers of adapting an Irish accent for American listeners and the critical role of community trust. Gráinne unravels the complexities of Seattle's hybrid police accountability system and reflects on the seismic changes in policing post-George Floyd. Her insight into the utilization of body-worn cameras reveals the delicate balance between technology and traditional investigative work, proving pivotal in the pursuit of justice.

The epitome of a leader, Gráinne delves into the nuances of guiding a police force with clarity and vision. She dissects the art of mentorship and the strategic development of officers, drawing parallels between the communicative Irish Garda and her experiences in North America. Her final thoughts touch on the essence of leadership, collaboration across borders, and the indelible mark one aspires to leave on the world. As we close, Gráinne muses on the gratification that stems from aiding others and the conversations she yearns to have with historic trailblazers, illuminating the profound journey of a life dedicated to public service.

Gráinne joins the CopDoc Podcast on March 26th, 2024.


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