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Joanne Sweeney

Joanne Sweeney has been working in the field of communications for 20 years and is a trained journalist, PR practitioner and digital marketing trainer and consultant.

She holds 11 academic and professional qualifications including a Master’s Degree in Journalism and a Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing and is the CEO of the Public Sector Marketing Institute.

A two-time author, she also founded Ireland’s only dedicated Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit. Specializing in digital communications for government agencies, Joanne's books are used by police forces, universities and public sector bodies across the world to instruct them how to communicate in the Digital Age.

Joanne works directly with government agencies across the world as coach and consultant.

She is also a trainer for Google’s Digital Academy. She's is also a podcaster and vlogger and host of the Public Sector Marketing Show. Her blogs have featured on Social Media Examiner.

Joanne joins The CopDoc podcast on March 14th, 2022.


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